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The World Interpreted through Alice in Wonderland


Consulting the Oracle


First Meeting

Many Don’t Arrive


A Meeting is Held

Alice is voted unanimously as Ambassador


Waiting to meet the Red Queen

(With trepidation )


A productive discussion did not seem in the cards


And, in fact, became quite hostile.


Things on the home front were not much better.


With a heavy heart, Alice helped prepare her friends for battle with what little she could find.


Alice listened to the Mock Turtle’s prophecies of the outcome of the war.

    4E9FC6FE-AC4F-4C99-AF28-2985270D3379.png Is the Mock Turtle going to be right?

Mr. Putin, speaker with two faces?

Mr. Netenyahu, regretful of civilian deaths?


Who will take responsibility for their actions?

Who will pretend to paint the roses red with the blood of the fallen?


Shameless Self-Promotion

Just on a whim last night I looked (as I sometimes do) to see if I’ve actually sold any copies of Aithin on Amazon. No paperbacks. Usual. I sold one last month. Unusual. It always makes me wonder who it is. Someone I know, someone I don’t, that sort of thing. I recently signed up to have the eBook added to the Lending Library, which meant it was going to be free for a certain amount of time (I do need someone to look at those things for me–I just sort of click accept). I wasn’t expecting anything there, either. So I was in complete shock when 690 people had downloaded it for free. It had been 691, but one person returned it. Returning a copy of a free product? Why not just delete it? Or maybe they bought it when it wasn’t free. I don’t know. There were 9 random copies thrown in, and then 130 that people actually bought. Paid money for. I don’t get a lot from this (around $20?). But after seeing no copies there at all, it was pretty staggering. I don’t really care if they were downloaded for free, people still downloaded them (probably the way I do when I go look for interesting things and then download them and am now waiting for a chance to read them–but I can access Kindle for Mac from my Kindle for BlackBerry, so if I forget to take a book with me and am not worried about running my battery down…)  I like the re-edit so much more, and I was thinking, with the amount of people who had bought it, I could just give them free eBooks of the revised version. Now that’s not looking so feasible anymore.

So I am trying to erase all the things in my head I put into the new one and concentrate on what happened in the first one as it stands, remembering that yes, I did kill this person in the first one, and no, that didn’t happen. I feel odd about it, because I feel like the revised one, with a lot of editing for too much chattiness, is better. But now I suppose I should concentrate on the sequel while people are interested in the first one, which seems smarter even though I’m not necessarily happier about it. I started trying to break up the behemoth that is what happened to the second book last year and break it up so I can start working on editing the sequel. That’s a big switch in my thinking.

I do have my new baby now, which is very nice. My 21.5″ iMac (it looks so much bigger than the 17″ one!)–also bigger on my desk, unfortunately, but I can live with that. It has OS X Lion on it. I tried to upgrade to Lion after a long time trying to decide if I wanted to or not, decided to, and then my other computer was too old. And the hard drive was starting to make some sort of gronky noises I wasn’t too happy about, which also made me nervous. I do have everything backed up, but should do it more often. I’ve gotten a lot of the little things fixed, but Lion still won’t let me send page links from Safari. It says I don’t have a mail program. Hm. That’s funny, cause I’m using Mail… Whatever. It’s cut and paste until I figure it out.

Not much of a post today. Not feeling quite so optimistic about things in my little sphere of existence, plus there is a pile of dishes that need to be done when I get home today, not that a pile of dishes indicates the coming of apocalypse or anything. I am annoyed at myself for not being the person I think I should be–e.g. being a wimp and going with the status quo instead of speaking up and being an advocate like I should be. I am letting myself and others down. That could be why I’ve been up since three am. Ignoring the dishes every time I go into the kitchen. Bleah to you, dishes.

Unfortunately, now at 7:39, beginning to seriously feel the effects of having been up since 3. I used to have insomnia pretty badly, but that’s been pretty much taken care of. Also not feeling too well, which could be part of it as well. The Library Book Sale at the Fairgrounds  is this weekend, though, so I have to feel better. Even though I only found two books I wanted last time and was hassled by the cashier volunteers, who said, only two books? I just said I’m getting pickier, which is true. But they also didn’t have a very good selection last time, which I didn’t say. But I always feel like I have to find something so I did find the two things I did. Maybe I should take a picture of my corner of the room and try to include all the bookcases. That would take two pictures, actually, and the ones in the bedroom, and just say, we really don’t have any more walls to put another bookcase against. I don’t think they quite believed me at PT at first when I told them that I didn’t have any bare walls.

I am trying to figure out what to do. I’m not very good at this sort of thing. Yesterday had bad migraine and felt truly icky so stayed home from work. Today is a non-student day. We usually meet later than on a normal school day. I texted two people –co-worker who said about 8ish, and the teacher who said she’ll be there at 8 and we’ll be going over the new schedules at 9:15. Sometimes, and again I think it’s because I’m tired and don’t do well with vagueness, what does ‘ish’ mean? 8:15?  I use it all the time. “We’ll go around 5ish.” For me, that’s usually something to do with going grocery shopping, which I really don’t like to do, so I push it as late as I can. Sometimes it’s early if it’s someplace I’ve never been before and I’ve given myself plenty of time and then don’t get lost so I’m early. It does happen. I try to give myself “get lost” time. The worst time was when I was going to a meeting in Sacramento and got lost for two hours getting there, then two and a half hours getting back. It did improve my impression of Sacramento, though. I had always thought of it as being all brown and dusty, but they actually have a lot of trees. Probably the funniest time was when I first moved here and was trying to find the AT&T store. It was by VRC, but I didn’t know how to get there, so I got lost on the freeway twice and ended up  on the far side of Springfield. The second time I ended up at the Mohawk Shopping Center and just parked there. There was a pet store so I went in and watched a chinchilla take a bath with a boy who was probably around five. We both enjoyed it. I found the AT&T store on my way back to Eugene, but it had just closed. I found it the next day without any problems.

Alright. I think I will go get a coffee (white chocolate mocha, iced, even though it’s 44 degrees out) and go on to work. It’s 8 now, so I’ll be there 8ish. 🙂