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Experimental Post / Review from Goodreads / Cross-Posting

All right. If this makes sense to anyone, my blog is connected to my Goodreads page, but I took the Goodreads “latest reads” off my page because it wasn’t working (and I haven’t checked to see if it again). Just sticking something up there for Goodreads makes me feel as if I’m advertising for Amazon, which I may be since I’m not a “premium” member and on my end, I just see little bubbles stuck on my posts that say “an ad may be posted here.” So if anything particularly vile shows up, it wasn’t my idea, and please let me know. It might just spur me to spend, later, the money to go premium when I can afford it. That doesn’t mean to write in with imaginary strange products. I’m a good researcher, I’ll find out. It’s part of my job. Which I should be doing instead of this. But there’s this thing called “distraction” that keeps happening. I thought once I was diagnosed with ADD and went on medication (which spurred an earlier post), the distraction factor would drop considerably, but it hasn’t. What has happened, though, is that my memory is starting to get better again. I used to have a very good memory–could rattle off the whole cast to Danger UXB and other extremely useful things like that–truly, though, before cell phones, people could remember phone numbers (gasp, was it magic?). For years I haven’t been able to remember anything like that. Two-step verification on my computer? I’d have to go back and forth between my phone and whatever I was verifying, or write it down. And that is just six (6) numbers long. I realized yesterday I could just say the number out loud, then put it into the verify box without having to check it, and it was right. That might seem like a minor thing for some people–for me it is a minor miracle.

So, while still distractable and possibly practicing avoidance behaviors, my memory is getting better. And I remember what I’m supposed to be doing. So I can feel badly about it. :-/ I can remember a list of things in my head (short) that I need to do, get interrupted, go take care of whatever that is, then come back and continue what I’m doing. So, all in all, I’d have to say I’m still happy with the results, even if they’re not what I expected. I thought my memory was gone. Well, going. I’d also been given the diagnosis of cognitive impairment, which my brain may some day refute.

But, that’s not why I’m here. I’m here because of the Goodreads thing. See, I didn’t forget. I just read a novella. Shorter than a novella–there’s a proper name for them, depending on which publishing company you’re referring to. We’ll just call it a novella. I read it really quickly. I’m behind on how many books I need to read to meet my goal this year–novellas count! They can’t all be Dickens or Tolstoy. That’s special for you, Anil. šŸ™‚

So, I was writing this review of this novella that started to get a little silly, and I looked over next to it and there was a box containing all the HTML to embed it in your post. I know very, very little HTML. Enough to get italics, bold, and when I was still posting, pictures and links. That’s as sophisticated as I ever got, and that was with cheating and cutting and pasting from the HTML menu Goodreads has next to its comments box. That’s the whole purpose of this, one long and three short paragraphs later.

To Sin with ScandalTo Sin with Scandal by Tamara Gill

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Good, quick read that’s the perfect length (no pun intended) when you’re distracting yourself from things you’re supposed to be doing but aren’t. I thought the writing was well-paced, I liked Miranda’s character–I can’t say I would have disagreed with her choices at the age she made them. Merrick makes his case logically later on, but he’s the only one who knows all the facts, therefore the only one who knows the truth of his side. But then, as they both see themselves as the injured party, as seems to happen often in these situations (and what makes the difference of opinions so interesting–they are often justified from each person’s perspective). I hope that isn’t a spolier. I like that mispelling. Is that the French version of a spoiler? It sounds like something more to do with mushrooms, actually. No mushrooms in the story. If they had started talking mycology, I think it would have been something more…steampunky.

I also thought Miranda’s experience in her marriage would not have been unusual for a woman in the early 1800’s (or at any time? Okay, now I’m being snarky)–providing the bread and butter for men in Merrick’s…um…career? Is that something one decides as a child? “Mummy, I want to be a rake when I grow up.””That’s nice, dear.” And mothers everywhere despaired of their sons growing up to become gardening implements. Calling them plows would have been a bit too obvious.

I will say that taking the break to read this has greatly improved my mood, so thank you, Ms. Gill. It was very nice to see a woman know what she wants and forge ahead. Full steam ahead. That can be taken any way one prefers.

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Okay, it works when you use “text” mode instead of “visual” mode. And the ad was for WordPress. That I don’t mind so much. They let me do all I do here now for free, which I greatly appreciate. And I’ve actually stuck with it, which surprises me. The regularity of posts has increased, possibly with the increase of feeling increasingly chatty lately. I think that means I’m less depressed than I was. Guessing.

At that, I think I’ll call it a night, but I feel obliged to supply some interesting things to look at now. I loved the clouds. Science is Beauty is a very cool site.

On Tumblr, the blog is much smoother.

Head of a Woman Artist: Max Buri Year: 1896

Head of a Woman
Artist: Max Buri
Year: 1896

Title: Sunil Gupta: The New Pre-Raphaelites 7 Artist: Sunil Gupta Year: 2008 Grosvenor Gallery

Title: Sunil Gupta: The New Pre-Raphaelites 7
Artist: Sunil Gupta
Year: 2008
Grosvenor Gallery