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Replace Rep. John Boehner as Speaker of the House


Every person who believes in equal rights is affected by this petition. No one should be denied equal rights simply because of their sexual orientation. Speaker of the House John Boehner has implied, by his refusal to bring ENDA forward for a vote, that all citizens of the United States are not equal, and do not deserve the protections people who are considered “equal” are afforded. This is open discrimination, and should not be tolerated. One man should not be able to prevent a bill from being brought forward simply because he doesn’t believe in it. There needs to be a representative sensitive to current needs of the people in the position of Speaker of the House, who won’t be swayed by personal belief but will listen to what the people want. The ones who voted for them. The ones they represent.

That’s why I created a petition to The United States House of Representatives, which says:

“Rep. John Boehner has proven himself inflexible in representing the people of the United States, only his own agenda. He now refuses to bring ENDA to the floor for a vote, which would give equal rights to everyone regardless of sexual orientation. Give someone else more in touch with the people they represent a chance to take his place and move the nation forward. Everyone deserves equal rights.”

Will you sign my petition? Click here to add your name: