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Curiouser and Curiouser

I wasn’t planning on writing anything tonight, despite my neglect of my blog, until I logged in to like something on another page and noticed the most popular search was “romance witch magic.” It made me laugh, and feel a little paranoid, because earlier this week I was at the library, and wandered into the library store, and bought three books that I might not have usually bought. I also accidentally squashed a spider who happened to be hanging out around them. Sorry about that, spider. Two of them were signed by the author, which was cool, and then I just got the third because it was by the same author and I thought if I liked the other two I’d regret it if I didn’t get it.

So, normally I don’t say anything about books I haven’t read, but the likelihood of that particular search coming up after I’d bought these was just so odd, I have to say something. The author is Yasmine Galenorn. They’re paranormal romances from Berkeley Press, and the first two that caught my attention were Witchling, and Changling, because they go together and are also the ones that are signed. The other is also Berkeley, and is called Dragon Wytch. I do have to admit that I find the y instead of an i kind of a funny thing, but I’ve done it as well in writing just to make something look different. The problem is, I think a couple other authors have done this as well, and frankly, it just looks a little funny. In terms of covers, the women show some cleavage and thigh, but less than a lot of covers. Not having read them, I think they suit the titles, frankly. They’re about sisters, and Witchling and Dragon Wytch seem to feature the same sister.Dragon Wytch

Well, looking those up on Amazon to get the covers was a little depressing. I have less than half the series. LOChangelingL.

WitchlingWell, that’s nice and even, isn’t it. If I were more organized,

I would have put the links to them. I’m not that organized. But, for anyone looking on books about witches, magic, and romance, I’m guessing these have them.