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I was thinking about my last post, and the response I received from Clean App’s creator, and something that had been bothering me about it sorted itself out.

He referred to “people in your camp and people in my camp.” So, I’d have to ask him about this, but without doing so, is this saying that I’m in a “Profane Camp” while he belongs in a “Non-Profane Camp?” Isn’t that being a little judgmental, simply based on the fact that it doesn’t particularly bother me to have some profanity in my books? It sounds like it extends beyond that, to an entire sense of morality and ethics in general. Truthfully, I don’t like a lot of profanity in my books that I read, either, but generally, there’s a point to it. I wouldn’t ever read “American Sniper,” so the troublesome F-word wouldn’t be an issue; I find the subject matter one that bothers me a lot more than profanity, and the fact that someone is capitalizing on his profession as a former sniper even more troublesome. Did the NRA really just run an ad where if you joined you got a free duffel bag, or was that a joke? Yet another subject.

But using an app to “draw lines in the sand,” so to speak, as to where people stand in terms of profanity; what is the purpose of that? “My camp, your camp.” All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others?