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Sloth Bears Now Extinct in Bangladesh

Asia Sloth Bear Photograph by Zigmund Leszczynski Animals Animals-Earth Scenes

Asia Sloth Bear
Photograph by Zigmund Leszczynski
Animals Animals-Earth Scenes

Sloth Bears Confirmed Extinct in Bangladesh
By John R. Platt | October 4, 2014 |


John R. Platt has written an excellent blog on this, found at the above link.

I suppose some, if not many, people are wondering why I even posted about this with everything else going on in the world. Because it matters. These things matter. Humans are so intent on destroying each other they sometimes forget there is a whole other world out there that we are also killing off, whether it be through poaching, deforestation, poisoning of habitat, over-hunting, sport-killing, the list goes on. It’s not a happy subject. But neither is the world without Sloth Bears, or the thousands upon thousands of species we’ve already eliminated.

What are we fighting for if we’re killing all the things that make the world a wondrous place to be, and blasting the rest of it to pieces? Is this our legacy for our children? Gods know I’m no military strategist, but what would have happened if the US and others involved now had intervened in Syria when it was a humanitarian crisis instead of waiting until it became a terrorist military action? In the meantime, it makes a nice distraction from the Ukraine and Russia, where yes, things are still happening. People are still being killed there as well. Ukrainians, by the not-pro-Russian (supported) rebels. And bears enter into it again.

So yes, it matters. It all matters. With every person who dies, a little bit of culture dies. Something maybe only that person knew and hadn’t told anyone else yet. I’ll do it tomorrow. Because there should have been a tomorrow.

Celebrities of the frame of mind it is safe to keep bare pictures of themselves on the internet, anywhere, and think they are safe, don’t matter. Does reaching celebrity status give them special internet privileges? Safeties and guarantees? Did they not take Computers 101? Nothing you put on the internet is safe, ever. When in doubt, don’t. It doesn’t matter if it’s your “own, private account.” I’m sure that’s what JP Morgan thought about the 76 million records that were compromised as well. As well as all the other major corporations that have been hacked. Nothing is unhackable. I couldn’t hack my way out of a paper bag, except possibly with a pair of scissors, but there are some wicked smart computer people out there, some of them probably still in grade school. Is there something about becoming suddenly famous that makes one want to strip and snap away? If so, I know with absolute certainty that I am absolutely nowhere near famous, because I’ve never had the urge.

People, keep your nude photos of Asian Sloth Bears on a flash drive, or something. Although I’ve put one in my post. I don’t think he’s ashamed. And someday, the cats are going to get us back.

And selfies. What exactly do they represent? The apex of narcissism? Slices into daily life? The equivalent of an “I just went to the gym!” post on Facebook? I’m here, wish you were too, or, on the other hand, I’m here, you’re not, ha ha ha. Obviously I’m a very socially awkward person. It makes one wonder what animals think we’re doing. A friend was at the zoo and they reached the Red Pandas. He knows I adore Red Pandas and took a picture of one, which I love.

"Oh, please drop the camera, please please please please......"

“Oh, please drop the camera, please please please please……”

I can see this little guy, camera strap around his neck, completely anthropomorphized by me and walking around on his or her hind legs making a photo documentary for an undercover animal photojournalism magazine, recording into a small voice activated recorder stashed from another unfortunate visitor’s loss.

One of the most tragic aspects of extinction and endangerment, and all the other levels of how at-risk an animal is, to me, the fact that many of them closest to leaving the wild for good have only one real predator: man. Also man’s own biggest predator.

But I’d just like to mention that the first victim of Ebola in the United States died today. Thomas Eric Duncan.

Ebola is stronger than any army, stronger than ISIS, than Israel, than Palestine, the Ukraine, than Russia. Look at epidemiologists’ reports, their forecasts. Ebola is the leveler, it doesn’t care about your race, your income, your religion. This is what governments need to be paying attention to, spending their money on. Containing and treating this epidemic before it becomes a global one. Remember that, Congress, when you think back on how you slashed aid in half to assist with ebola.

And no, I don’t think ebola has anything to do with “God being angry.” It sounds ridiculous to say, but I think these things just happen when all of the circumstances line up correctly–whether it be hygiene, a mixture of microbes heating to a certain temperature in just the right environment, whatever the case may be, and it became ebola, “living” somewhere fruit foxes could come into contact with it.

What is my point with all of this? Governments pick and choose their battles, and it’s easy to see which ones they picked and which ones they didn’t. For the US, screening for Ebola at 5 airports. Of how many? In Spain, killing the dog of the woman infected with Ebola there. Why not keep it in quarantine and see if it became ill? The US is perfectly prepared for the threat of Ebola, as a hospital in Dallas sends the man home infected with it, who returns in two days. Oh, yes, we’re truly and honestly prepared. But all those airstrikes will really make a difference. The mind boggles sometimes. One thing where man is, essentially, prey, and it’s being relegated to second string; it’s hard to juggle priorities when you can’t juggle.

I just hope the animals whose populations we’ve decimated can’t contract it. That would be justice.





Peridot Dragon Garnet eye

The World Interpreted through Alice in Wonderland


Consulting the Oracle


First Meeting

Many Don’t Arrive


A Meeting is Held

Alice is voted unanimously as Ambassador


Waiting to meet the Red Queen

(With trepidation )


A productive discussion did not seem in the cards


And, in fact, became quite hostile.


Things on the home front were not much better.


With a heavy heart, Alice helped prepare her friends for battle with what little she could find.


Alice listened to the Mock Turtle’s prophecies of the outcome of the war.

    4E9FC6FE-AC4F-4C99-AF28-2985270D3379.png Is the Mock Turtle going to be right?

Mr. Putin, speaker with two faces?

Mr. Netenyahu, regretful of civilian deaths?


Who will take responsibility for their actions?

Who will pretend to paint the roses red with the blood of the fallen?


Why Does No One Tell Israel No?

"Why?" Anne Frank

Anne Frank

Don’t get me wrong, I am not anti-Semitic. Neither am I pro-Genocide. But as the body count rises steadily in Gaza, whole families wiped out with one missile, I wonder if I aided and abetted, if any of my tax dollars went into the manufacture of the arms we’ve sold to Israel over the years. Did I pay a penny or two? A finger or an arm? A whole life? What is that worth these days, or does that depend on what country you live in and who you’re killed by? Does anyone ever stop to think of that? How many people are killed by American made weapons? Strangely, it hadn’t occurred to me until I was asking my boyfriend in tears why no one is telling Israel to stop this genocide of the Palestinians, why does everyone tip-toe around them? I think it was because it has all been such a fuzzy mess to me, the whole war over there in the Middle East (not to mention the other ones) I suddenly realized, “Wait a minute, but they’re Jewish, why are they trying to kill off a different group of people?”

If I have my math about right, World War II ended roughly, in the European Theatre, sixty five to seventy years ago, and resulted in the deaths of approximately 6 million Jews–roughly 2/3 the Jewish population of Europe. And there are people that deny the Holocaust ever existed. How, I have no idea. But that’s not what this is about. This is about a country and people who are using their religion the same way their religion was used against them, and seem to have no problem with it. A country no one questions. A country young men leave America go to be “lone wolf fighters” for on the side of Israel to honor their ancestry. That was what started me on this rant tonight, a quote from one of the “lone wolf fighters.” I don’t mean any disrespect to anyone, I just really don’t understand. How could one group of people who have suffered so much at the hands of another turn around and do it to other people? How? The UN is finally speaking out, but it’s not enough.

I think Anne Frank would be wondering the same thing if she had survived Auschwitz and was still alive now. I read her diary at the same age she wrote it. In many ways she and I were the same. In many ways I thought she was much wiser than I was. One girl in my class couldn’t read it because it gave her nightmares. I have always thought it so tragic that Anne Frank died so close to the end of the war, days within their camp being liberated. Again, why?

I thought once I could change the world. That was when I was naive and didn’t realize the gargantuan web the troubles of the world were contained within, the threads snarled and tangled beyond comprehension into some facsimile of a Gordian knot. How there are bullies in the world just like bullies in school, and how everyone tip-toes around them as well. Only the stakes are higher and dead is “for reals.” All those children killed will never grow up, never fall in love, never have families, never contribute to the world. One of them, several of them, could have had an answer to some of the world’s pressing problems. One of them could have saved all of us. But we’ll never know now. Because they’re dead. For reals.

I considered abandoning this post, but then there was a breaking news flash that an Israeli missile had hit a UN run school also being used as a shelter. That brings the total, according to BBC News, to 750 Palestinian deaths and 33 Israeli deaths. And just to reiterate, it was a UN facility.

Enough is enough, Mr. Netenyahu. Does “regretting the civilian deaths” but blaming the Hamas help you sleep better at night? I don’t support extremists of any kind. But I support the Palestinians right to live.

There are some truths I believe in:

Germany today is not responsible for killing the Jews in concentration camps. People need to let that go. Forgiveness is the path to healing.

America today is not responsible for what happened with Native Americans or Slaves. I’m very, very sorry it happened, but I didn’t do it. I hope I’m more enlightened than those who did. I try to help advocate for those who need help advocating from themselves. I try to realize when the person who needs help being advocated for is me. I know how hard that is.

And there are some things (well, many things) I question:

Why are there Neo-Nazi groups popping up? Do you realize what you’re emulating is Facism at its most horrible, the perpetrators of the worst Holocaust in modern history, the worst qualities of human beings as a whole, and you think that’s “cool?” Wow. I can’t even name how many ways that’s so messed up.

Why are people letting religion take over Congress? Once upon a time, and I believe it still does, our Constitution separated the two, for very good reason. Religion and politics shouldn’t mix. Religion messes things up. There are too many religions, too many “chosen” people, too many “our God says,” just too many.

Are we ever going to learn from history, from our mistakes? Anne Frank hoped so. She was a very smart young woman, very thoughtful. Her diary did change the world. She had hopes and dreams, just like the young Palestinian teens her age who have been killed. Because at heart we’re all the same.

Anne Frank Picture



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