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@Wit’s End

I just became aware of a really awesome and very necessary project on GoFundMe–@Wit’s End. It’s a web resource for parents to find the necessary mental health care and treatment for their children by entering in the type of issues their child has, and the web page matches them with appropriate agencies. It’s truly awesome! Tricia Slavik is the creator, a mother trying to help other parents.

This is the link to help fund this project:

Here’s an example of the interface:


And this is what the creator, Tricia Slavik, has to say about it:

@Wit’s End will be a first of its kind resource for the millions parents who struggle to find appropriate care for their child suffering from a mental illness.

Finding help for a child with a mental illness is challenging at best and heart breaking always.  I conducted a national survey in which 87% of parents say “it is difficult or impossible to find appropriate care.” 17,100,000 children in the US have had or have a mental illness  – that number represents 34,200,000 parents. Parents desperate to get their children help.

Did you know that only 1 in 5 children with a mental illness receives treatment?  I want to change those unacceptable statistics;  I want to do it before one more child ends up in prison, addicted or hurts themselves or someone else.

Read the new Children’s Mental Health Report from the Child Mind Institute here.


The OFFBITS–A Delightful Kickstarter Campaign

I get excited about some Kickstarter campaigns, and am sort of a Kickstarter junkie, but this one is something really special. Check them out for yourself, because I really can’t do them justice myself.

© Avner David Gornish/The OFFBITS Team

© Avner David Gornish/The OFFBITS Team

Here’s the project’s link in case the other things decide not to work on me, something that has been happening at a disturbing rate lately:

Please follow the link for the video, and forgive my ineptness at embedding them successfully. :-/


South Eugene High School Choir

And yet another cause, though this one is near and dear to my heart.

My apologies for the belatedness of the post.