Just Stop 

From a behavior management point of view, if people simply stopped responding to Trump’s Tweets it would be one of the fastest ways to get under his skin. He sends out, I read, approximately 35 Tweets a day. They are designed to ignite a response as well as distract people from the more important issues going on around him: the conflicts of interest with his finances, Trump University, etc. He Tweets for the attention, as well. If people just stopped responding, stopped feeding the monster, it would be interesting to see what happened. It’s called extinction, when you try to get rid of a behavior (you’re supposed to replace it with another behavior, but I have no idea what it would be). If it’s working, you get an extinction burst, where he would start sending out even more Tweets in an effort to get someone to respond. But can you just imagine if everyone would just coordinate and stop responding? It’s not like he cares or can be reasoned with; it just fans the flame of his ego that he managed to irritate people. If he was Tweeting into a void… That would be awesome.

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