Trump Voters: Trump Does Not Support You 

I know, you think he does. That’s why you voted for him. You’re angry with the status quo. You think Hillary is a crook, far worse than anything Trump did. Why? Her emails. Funny thing that Pence is having issues with his emails now, isn’t it? But Trump is a sexual aggressor, a racist, a bigot, sexist, self-serving, narcissistic man who loves the sound of his own voice and hearing people cheering for him. He has ties to a foreign entity that admits they were in contact with him before the election. Manipulating the election. Yet Hillary’s emails, twice found to be irrelevant, are somehow worse than this. I’m still trying to weigh those against the other, and try as I might, Trump still comes out the one with the most deficits. I don’t understand the mindset that Hillary is so terrible. But Trump said the uneducated were great. He counted on them. 

Does he have any idea how to be President? It’s becoming clearer and clearer that he doesn’t. He has no idea what the job truly entails, and one reason he’s not cut out for it is that he doesn’t get to come first. It’s not a glamourous job. It’s a hard, 24/7 work your butt off job, and he’s not cut out for it. You don’t make your hours; the hours make you. 
And what made anyone think that a billionaire has your financial interests at heart? That he would understand you much less empathize with you? He plans on giving his rich cronies a big tax break, and to hell with the rest of us. We don’t matter to him. The only one he cares about is himself. 

I just wanted to post some pictures of the way he lives–what makes you think this man has anything in common with you? A box of tissues? Compare this to the way you live. Remember, this is how someone who lives who’s smart because he doesn’t pay his taxes. And yes, the things that look like gold are–24 karat gilt. What does this man have in common with you?

It’s a pretty good guess that illegal immigrants helped build Trump Towers. These pictures are from and The Huffington Post. Trump doesn’t want to stay in The White House, as every single President before him has. He wants to come back to this. What? The White House isn’t good enough for him?

Yet somehow, you believed he had your best interests at heart. He goes home to this. What do you go home to? Do you think you’ll be one of the ones getting a big tax break? Do you really think the reason why the economy is stalled is because of African-Americans, or Latinos, or Muslims, or Jews, or even illegal immigrants? How many of you want to go work the back-breaking farm labor jobs illegal immigrants work? Show of hands. You blame them but you don’t want the jobs they take. 

Truthfully, if you want to blame who’s really responsible, go look up the list of the richest people in America. They are the ones who hold, and keep almost all the wealth in this country. How many of them are white men? Let me repeat that: White men. Those are the ones responsible, and they are distracting you with racist, xenophobic bullshit to keep the attention away from themselves. The neo-nazis and white supremacists are wrong. Trump is wrong. They are trying to fool you into thinking they care about you, but you will never get a tax break, and they don’t really care about making your lives better. 

Why should they when they go home to places like that?

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