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People Don’t Want to Know, So They Don’t Look

I know this is not always the most fun blog to visit, that’s it’s not incredible popular, and that it can be downright depressing. I try to keep a mix of things, somedays just posting things that are funny or silly, to lighten the mood a little. I don’t want to depress everyone–I don’t think that’s my purpose in life.

However, there are things I believe in, that make up part of my values and morals, that I simply can’t ignore. Things I feel passionately about. I won’t post the article here, just a link and the picture that goes with it, which leads to another site. Sometimes you find things on other sites that are interesting as well that have nothing to do with the topic.

This is a very conflicting time in politics, where personal agendas seem to have overridden the whole point of the political process. Congress isn’t the personal playground of some specific representatives. That attitude has a trickle-down effect. Marginalized groups are becoming fractured and dissension is common.

The only way to accomplish anything is to stick together. Support each other. As a whole, we are much stronger. Look at it this way–it’s the difference between a toothpick and a battering ram:



Battering Ram

Battering Ram  (Note: Not to scale with toothpick)








This article applies to one rights movement, it could apply to any. As another picture in the article states, all oppression is connected. This article is “7 LBGT Issues That Matter More Than Marriage” from BuzzFeed.

7 LGBT Issues That Matter More Than Marriage

7 LGBT Issues That Matter More Than Marriage

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