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Satellite of Love

I felt I should mark this somehow, but was not exactly sure. I knew the Lou Reed of the Transformer era, not the Velvet Underground era. I’m a child of the 1980s. A somewhat sheltered, out of the way place in the 1980s.



There is an article in Rolling Stone:


And here is the link to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, to The Velvet Underground:


I have no idea if this is something Lou Reed would have personally wanted, but he was a recipient. There’s a lot of mystery regarding transplants of any kind, and also a lot of reluctance for individuals to become organ donors. I’m an organ donor. My opinion is, if I die, and I can help someone else live, I’d much rather help someone else live. Some people have religious reasons, or other beliefs, which I respect. I know a little boy who received a heart transplant, and I bless the family who had to lose someone they loved so my little friend could live. In their loss, they gave life. What more precious gift? In its journey to my little friend, it was a satellite of love.

American Liver Foundation