Do you ever wonder…

If you have some sort of creature, be it a guardian angel or a little devil type creature, or anything else you care to put in that position of “looking out for you?” If so, what is its real intent? I am beginning to wonder. In the past few days I have lost several posts I was making on other sites, one quite a long one, just by accidentally hitting the wrong button, or, in this case, a login incident. I thought they were somewhat clever posts, so was this a result of my own hubris, the fact they were deleted accidentally? Or was it an accident? If you’re of the viewpoint that everything in life is pre-determined, then I was supposed to delete those posts.

It also means I was supposed to have that creepy dream about working in a toy shop with strange puzzles with pieces missing. Am I the strange puzzle with the pieces missing? It could be because of the whole looking for a job thing and taking these classes about being positive, etc. It’s hard to keep positive when you’re trying to get up to 60 wpm on a typing test so you can get a certificate and you can’t. I used to be a very good typist, until I hurt my elbow and my left ring finger and pinky don’t work properly anymore. I’m content, two years later, with how fast I type for myself. To be a transcriptionist, however, you need to be able to type at a minimum of 60 wpm, which used to be a piece of cake for me. My average was 75-80 wpm, sometimes faster.

Truthfully, I never thought it would matter, a typing certificate. The only reason I’m so annoyed about it is because I can’t do it at the moment. I practice and I get worse. I worked my hand some with the theraputty I have. If I try again today it won’t be until this evening. Is it destined that I get one, or not? Is there a fork quivering in the path of my destiny, anticipating whether or not I can produce a piece of paper with the number 60 or higher on it? Yes, you should quake in fear, you implement of gluttony, and for those of us who can’t use chop sticks! I’ll show you!

OK, that was a little childish. But I had fun.

Speaking of destiny, I think I may be forced to go Pro soon on WordPress. I have no idea what exactly that means, but I am under the vague impression that it gives me more space. I can’t imagine that I’m running out of space, but it looked sort of like it. I’ve never actually hit the button. Oh, it says “Go Premium,” not pro. I haven’t gotten any warnings yet. “Resistance is futile! If you wish to continue to inhabit this domicile, you must Go Premium!” My car doesn’t even get premium.

I’m not even sure what I wanted to post, other than frustration at having accidentally deleted two posts elsewhere and not being able to get my typing speed up to speed. Ha ha ha. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to type at all with any amount of speed, so for myself, I’m happy I can type as fast as I can, which seems to fall in the 45-55 wpm range. Considering my left hand’s unwillingness to follow, that’s not too bad. Actually, what it is, I think, is that I’m so used to using a computer, when I make a mistake, I automatically go back and fix it, which you’re not supposed to do on typing tests. I know that, but I also know when I’ve made a mistake, so there’s this second long battle that goes on in my brain–“go back and fix the mistake” and “keep going, the computer will still count it as an error.” I think they should modernize typing tests to reflect that. How many people just do that automatically when  they make a mistake? But meanwhile, that little second-long argument has gotten my rhythm off, and I’m not typing smoothly anymore, so if it happens in the first line, I’m sunk.

Not literally. I have a very strong suspicion the rest of my life is not based on whether or not I can manage to get a typing certificate. If that were true, I really might try going out and joining the sloths in the wild. But I’d have nowhere to plug in my Kindle. Bummer.


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