New Writing Term

I am working on editing the second book in the series of I don’t know how many there will be Aithin books. That’s the main reason I haven’t posted anything in an incredibly long time. I get sort of obsessed–I even stopped reading anything. I know I’m doing a little better now because I’m actually reading things again.

The problem is, after the second edit, I had 100 more pages than I started with, which is sort of reverse editing, or, as I started calling it today, “additing.” I don’t know what is possessing me to do this. Why start changing story lines now? I’m halfway tempted just to go back to one of the earlier saved drafts before I changed so much and just start from there.

And then I had the idea that if I edited chapters at random I would pay more attention to what I was doing. Hello? Continuity?  (I think we’ve talked about this a little already). That’s really a good way to keep an eye on continuity, because then you have to go back and check things, so…you might as well read them in order. I thought about reading it backwards. I’m not sure where these ideas are coming from, but that door can close now, thank you very much. I’ll even put one of those strange sausage like things that are supposed to look like long fabric dogs to put along the bottom to keep drafts out.

Those would be good ideas except they have to be somewhat heavy to stay put, which means if you’re on the other side of the door you’d be in for a bit of a shock if you didn’t know door draft doggy was there. There are two other things that truly puzzle me and make me a little afraid that people make for things in their homes. The first is tissue box covers. I can see one reason for having them: you’ve just sneezed or you’re about to have a Nasal Niagara Falls moment, you grab a tissue, and the whole box comes along with it–the stubborn tissues. Otherwise, why cross-stitch one with poodles on it to cover it up? I think tissue manufacturers are doing a pretty good job making the boxes look fairly attractive. And that’s better that cheapos like me who just grab a roll of toilet paper and stick that next to their desk and start thinking that’s normal, then wonder why when other people visit they look in that direction with a strange expression on their face. They’re probably thinking, “Um, you know, there’s a whole room for that, and you can get tissue in boxes and put a cover on them if you really don’t like the way they look.” The third thing, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in actual use, just in thrift stores, is the half barbie-lookiing doll, with arms, with the crocheted top and fluffy skirt to go over room deodorizers. I don’t know what it is about those, but they creep me out big time. Is it a warning to magician’s assistants? This too could happen to you–don’t let them cut you in half. I simply don’t know, and I don’t want to meet the person who came up with the idea. I’m very sorry if I’ve offended anyone who happens to like any of these things. I’ve had towels on the floor in the front of the door and mentioned maybe one of the dog things would work better.

Oh good grief. Now my cat is giving me the evil eye. At the beginning of the post he was on my lap and halfway on the keyboard tray and we were sort of fighting over space, and he gets in the way of my arms being in their normal position. He jumped down (helped a little by me–gently, because he was on an unstable surface) and I thought he was sleeping in that chair, but he walked over and is lying on a bag on the floor, just staring at me. I don’t know why he does this to me. Actually, I do–I realized today that the way my SO sits in his chair when he’s gaming, or on the computer at all, he has no lap. I’m not entirely sure how he does it, but it keeps the cat from bugging him. I’m the one the cat walks all over (he will jump from the floor to the back of my chair and lie behind my head). He’s left the room, everyone can stop panicking.

So, my additing. My theory was, well, you can always take it out in the next edit. How many edits am I going to do? Am I ruining the story? Maybe I am, and should go back and look at the pre-additions. I think in my striving to make everything more streamlined I’m doing something else. I’m not sure what. I think I’ve been a little confused and discombobulated, therefore what I’m doing with the book is as well. It’s probably a sign to take a little break, do some reading, and maybe go lie in front of a door somewhere.


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