The Process of Ripping Things Apart

As things get more bizarre in my revision, I start to wonder, “What am I doing?” Then I read some of the things about the second season of Game of Thrones and think, well, it’s not that bizarre. I truly have tried to read those. They look interesting, I have gotten about three quarters of the way through A Game of Thrones twice. I have the first season on hold at the library (I think I’m 50 of 94 now, which is much better than it was). I’ve been reading articles on the second season, about how it all boils down to power.  Of course, I think George R.R. Martin’s world is much, much more complex than mine, with many more characters. Mine doesn’t have incest, though, unless someone’s messing around behind my back when I’m not looking. That makes me feel like mine isn’t so odd after all. And mine doesn’t have children tied in bags getting trampled to death by elephants (not George R. R. Martin–ha! Wouldn’t that have been a good April Fool’s for someone who hadn’t read the books. Which I haven’t either, so I guess it would be one on me if he did have that in one of his books). No, I’m thinking of a different book. That scene did have a purpose, although it could have been carried out much more humanely, I thought. But that wasn’t the world it was set in. I found it incredibly disturbing, which is why, I guess, I remember it. There was quite a bit of violence in that trilogy–I ended up skipping over it as much as I could. This is why I’m not sure I’m Game of Thrones on HBO material, although I’m extremely curious. I’m a sucker for really well done costuming and armor, and it looks pretty awesome.

Sort of strayed from the point. It’s just that there’s been so much about it, and between that and The Hunger Games it seems like things are getting a little crazy, as if the higher the body count, the more money it makes. Maggie Stiefvater an interesting take of her movie experience on viewing it on Goodreads. I’m diverging again. No wonder it takes me so long to edit.

I get bored and start to hop around, which leads to the possibility of continuity errors, that will (hopefully) get caught in later edits. I changed one character to be nicer and now I’m sort of returning him to his previous incarnation, so I have to rewrite him to the way he was. Isn’t that sort of like painting the roses red? Just because I changed something later on that will probably make readers go “Huh?” and “That’s completely unbelievable–I’d have to suspend my suspension of belief to a greater suspension of disbelief.” I’m not entirely sure I find it believable, and the way I’ve done it, I have a very short time to make it believable without using flashbacks. I’ve thrown one relationship out and put another one in. Why? Because it seems so unlikely, and Madeleine is prone to doing unlikely things. Or unexpected ones. And, as my SO said, Dionel is the character you love to hate. That’s still there, it’s the other relationship that’s gone, and they’re just friends. (It’s not you, it’s me).

This is short (amazing), so I’ll give you a link to a song that is annoyingly catchy (you don’t want to know how many tries it took me to spell that). It’s disturbing, and from the same people who brought you The Ding Dong Song:

The Gummy Bear Song (you can increase your international awareness, as you can listen to it in Hungarian, Swedish, Spanish, and French)

And, since you may already be there, it isn’t quite a complete experience unless you also check out The Nuki Song. Sung by the same Gummy Bear, it’s possibly more interesting than The Gummy Bear Song.

Truthfully, though, I think these are really pretty awesome in the sense of looking at what other cultures (well, French, I guess) look at as children’s entertainment. It really is fascinating. There isn’t any violence, it’s just sort of…mesmerizing, with songs you’ll find yourself humming at inappropriate times, unless you work with kids. Then you can explain it to them.

OK, driven by my research/have to know instincts, here is the link to the official (I think) site:  NOTE: I am not endorsing Gummy Bear. I am curious about Gummy Bear. Is he trying to take over the world. Apparently, according to the site, he is huge in Greece. I’m still trying to find out where he’s actually from. Germany? There’s a list with countries’ flags and the number of hits they’ve had from those countries. It’s pretty amazing. They have an actual Gummy Bear flash drive. Really. Alright. I had to Wiki it. It was written by a German composer (originally a 30 second spot) and has been translated into 25 languages. There. My curiosity has been sated for now. Whew!


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  1. Not from the makers of The Ding Dong Song at all. Completely my error. One’s French, one’s German. Oops.


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