Sharing the Obsession

I found this when working with one of my students who likes to watch videos on YouTube, and he’d been working hard with his switches and was refusing to whack any more gophers on the head with a newspaper when they came down the pipe (the gophers are OK, really, just stunned for a moment). I think he may be a closet animal rights activist. Or would that be non-activist? Anyway, I was tired of watching him not whack the gophers–I was starting to hit the switch instead of him just because once you got three, they do a little dance, and he liked that.

The Priory Woods site has a video section that’s switch activated, and there’s one with this crazy frog in it, literally called Crazy Frog, so I checked it out on YouTube. I found this video, which is not the same frog (at all–the other frog is just darn weird) and showed it to him.

It had been a long day, and when I was home, I checked it out again. And again. About ten times later, I decided that maybe, a la The Ring, if I forwarded the link to someone else, I would stop being obsessed with it. (without all the morbid dying parts. She did, however, drop her phone and shatter the front of it. I hope there was no connection between the two. I just thought of that.) I sent it to my teacher, and she liked it. We watched it today in the classroom during music since we were doing dances (doing the Elmo Slide with my little guy in his wheelchair was interesting and fun, especially the part where you jump three times–he enjoyed it–I’ve never bounced a wheelchair before) and it was awesome to see the Crazy Frogs on the wall of the classroom (we moved our smart board out of the way so the kids would have more room). I am still somewhat obsessed by it, but not nearly as badly, and I convinced myself that buying the music and making a ringtone out of it would make me one of those people that drive me crazy because they have an annoying ringtone.

I just have to say that I am very, very glad it is Friday and we have Spring Break in a week. We know it. I think the kids know it.

There was an interesting development today. Was working with my little guy–I think I’ve mentioned I hold up cards for him to identify and he touches them with his head when I ask him what is what–e.g. “Show me the triangle.” Sometimes he goes crazy touching cards before I’ve asked him anything. So today I finally said, “Alright, so you’re trying to be Yuri Gellar here or what?” (I know, he wasn’t bending spoons). I asked him, “OK, I want you to show me the card I’m thinking of.”  And he did. I switched the card I wasn’t thinking of to another one and kept the one I had been–a circle, and picked that one again but put it in the other hand and asked him the same thing. He picked the right one again. Now, there are lots of explanations–he had a 50/50 chance each time, he likes the circle, he thought I might chose the same shape, we have spent too much time together and are experiencing some sort of odd Vulcan mind meld…that sort of thing. But I am going to explore this further. I’ve always had a theory that some people with disabilities were possibly more likely to be more sensitive in other areas that we usually just dismiss because they’re unscientific. I wasn’t looking at the card, as Helena said might have tipped him off–I was looking straight at him from between the cards. Hm. So, between that and the Crazy Frogs, it’s been interesting. Oh, I shouldn’t forget the Elmo Slide. I didn’t think I would be doing any of those things today.

I think I need a cup of tea. Did I say I was glad it was Friday already?


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