The World Didn’t Implode

So I successfully had a very nice quiet birthday and only ended up with a few unidentifiable things on me at work and one identifiable, which I just won’t talk about here. I didn’t tell anyone it was my birthday. I did get hit in the back a couple of times by an angry student who wanted the swing when another student was in that area having a very hard time and I was trying to take the swing down. Not very hard hits, though. She had a meltdown a little later. She’s been having a harder and harder time lately, so it was probably inevitable. It was the swing that broke the camels back. Or mine, apparently, since I seem to have been the camel in that scenario. I don’t know if I’m I dromedary or a bactrian. I had to look that up because I wasn’t sure what the two humped ones were called, and learned in the process that there are feral camels in Australia. Who’d a thunk it? Sounds like a possible comic book line to me…

We went to dinner, Thai food, and then Sweet Life, requisite for a birthday. I had a slice of chocolate caramel cookie cake. My so’s daughter, Helena (pseud.) said, “that looks really intense.” I took a bite and told her, “It _is_ really intense!” I think I only ate about a third of it. It’s chocolate cake with chopped up chocolate chip cookie on top and in chocolate mousse with caramel on top and ganache on the side. I don’t know what I was thinking. I wanted tiramisu, but the woman in front of me ordered the last piece. Of course, they put another one out almost immediately after I ordered. So it’s in the fridge. And not that I stress on presents or anything, but SO got me a very nice half cut (obviously) you’re probably thinking amethyst geode, and some very nice chevron amethysts, and a book on Gothic Architecture. I have become fascinated with architecture all of a sudden, enough so that I fleetingly looked into finding out (oh no, more school) what it would take to get a degree in Architecture without a background in Architecture. A lot. And five years. Maybe I’ll just admire for now. It’s just amazing to me that these things built in the 11th and 12th centuries are still standing, and they had none of the technology we do now. They weren’t whipping out their computer tablets loaded with CAD and saying, “Well, no, this should be a little more like this…)

My friend in California who I don’t know if he want would me to use his name or not so we’ll leave him anonymous sent me a very nice compilation of an interesting looking comic called Morning Glories–the art looks excellent, and the story intriguing. You’re right, the quote does sound inspiring, although I don’t think I quite get it myself either. I like Dickenson. Maybe because we realize there’s so much we don’t know (if we’re honest) as we get older? We’ve come a long way from the “Renaissance Man” who could really know everything there was to know to now, when there’s no way anyone can even know all of anything in one field. But then, this is the woman who would walk past a door wearing her nightgown and expect her doctor to diagnose her from that, so…

My voice isn’t back to normal (but better than it was on Wednesday, the day the staff sent me home after an hour and a half). I was hardly comprehensible and the only reason I went in was because I’d told the teacher i was going to be there, and she ended up having a personal day that day. I was talking to one of the students with a puppet (I may have mentioned this earlier–the Robitussin is eating my brain) when one of my other co-workers came in (I really like her but she’s going out on maternity leave next month and is taking a year’s leave of absence after) and then she saw me later and said, “Oh, that really is your voice right now.” I don’t think one of our visually impaired students quite trusted me that I was who I said I was. Of course, then I couldn’t get any of his switches to work, so maybe then he did.

I have sort of given up on the reviews section-I should just take of the “s” and have it say review and let it sit there. If I read anything I particularly like, I’ll just mention it here. Pushing my poor library books to the side, completely unabashedly, I have read all four in the series (so far, I am hoping, because I want there to be more) by Jaida Jones and Dannielle Bennet, “Havemercy,” “Shadow Magic,” “Dragon Soul,” and “Steelhands.” I don’t think they’re all on the same par, but Jones and Bennet take characters in each book and tell the story from their points of view. I think it works really well for the most part, and the books fit together when things are mentioned that are going on in the other books, so there’s a bit of overlap, which is sort of cool, I think. The last one brings back more characters from the first, and adds a couple, and leaves things wide open for another book, which I wouldn’t mind because I’m not tired of them yet. Being able to get the opinions of other characters through their points of view allows you to get a better grasp on their motivations and fleshes them out. There is humor within the group of airmen that others just don’t understand (as in, how can you be joking at a time like this). In my opinion, I think “Havemercy” is the best, because it’s just so new and so intense and there are a lot of characters, 14 airmen, that nevertheless all have something that make them stand out, even if they aren’t one of the ones with a pov character. There are intertwined stories. For those who need warnings about this type of things there are m/m relationships, but nothing more than a little kissing. It’s hardly even obvious in the plot. It’s accepted in the society they live in (unless you get a little too outrageous, as one of the characters found out at the beginning). It’s hardly a major plot line–I’m glad it’s simply accepted and not questioned. Actually, except for violence, I think the whole series would be rated PG. Well, and language. I liked “Steelhands” because there’s a nice feisty heroine, which there isn’t in the first three, are mostly male dominated. There are women behind the scenes, of course, who have power, and we do see them, but not often. There are female diplomats in “Shadow Magic.” Anyway, it metal dragons made by magicians sound interesting, along with an unruly crowd of airmen and an unfortunate Versity Student sent to “educate” them on etiquette and manners sounds interesting, then you can always just see if the library has it and check it out (literally and figuratively). “Shadow Magic” is a sharp deviation from the first one, but in “Dragon Soul” starts up with dragon related things again, along with “Steelhands.”

Well, I suppose that’s all the all the interesting stuff for now. I’m hoping by Monday my voice will be more back to normal and I will not, as I have been told, snore as much at night. Personally, I don’t remember the snoring. This came up while my SO and Helena were watching a video on YouTube of a pug snore. I had a pug, and I know they snore like crazy, so I don’t know how my SO managed to segue that into the fact that I’ve been snoring more. I used to push my pug with my foot to try to get him to stop. I told my SO to just poke me or something. He said he does and I usually say something in my sleep and then roll over or something and don’t snore any more. For a while. I don’t remember these incidents. While I’m glad it makes me stop snoring, it makes me wonder what I say in my sleep. I never pictured myself as a snorer. So now pugs and I are on a par. That makes me feel so much better.


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