First Snow

After being taunted and teased by weather reporters, we finally have snow, albeit a light dusting of it which may already be melting as I type. It does look like the sun has disappeared, though, so maybe it will stick around. We are constantly being teased with the prospect of snow. Being at the bottom of a valley, it usually isn’t very likely it will reach us. Yet the meteorologists prognosticate that we will, get our hopes up, and then it doesn’t. I think maybe this time they may be at least a little right, which means we should have snow today and tomorrow as well. Maybe enough for a snow day on Tuesday? Who knows.

Nothing greatly exciting has happened. I don’t remember if I wrote last time that one child in my class fell and landed head first but was OK. The same day I caught another kiddo so I figure I’m 1 for 1. Thursday the kiddo who fell on his head (I happen to know him from another classroom years ago–he was in the classroom next door and used to come over in the afternoons to play on our swing) and I were in the bathroom (I tell you, if you want glamor and glory, this is the job for you) and I was trying to get his boot on, sort of kneeling in front of him, and he decided that would be a good time to lie, well, drape himself would be a more apt term, over my back and then drop his weight on me. That was interesting. It’s a good thing I did have all that PT, otherwise I would have toppled over like a bowling pin. After some maneuvering, I managed to get my hands over my head and in back of me and sort of press up and talk him back up against the wall. I think my genuine plea that he was hurting me might have helped. He wasn’t being vindictive or anything, he was giggling–his normal giggle, not a maniacal giggle. Some people just have different ideas of what is fun, and in this case, they just didn’t mesh very well. If I had been sitting on the floor, it might have been funny.

I haven’t mentioned that I have a terrible sense of coordination, have I? I do. I can hardly stand on one foot and if there was a camera hidden somewhere in the bathroom to see me get dressed it would be fairly amusing. I consider it a triumph when I get my underwear on without having to grab on to something, but it sometimes involves hopping around madly. I don’t really know what to attribute this to. I had tubes in my ears when I was a kid. I don’t know if that would still effect me now. I’ve always been fairly clumsy–no good at sports or anything like that requiring coordination. Video games I’m alright at, though I’m not playing those much anymore, but those also don’t require actual physical motion. I’ve perfected the “doorway maneuver.” You’d think I’d just learn to walk through the door instead of having to come up with a technique to avoid hitting the doorjamb. But since I couldn’t master walking through the door, I came up with a solution. It involves turning sideways just as you go through the door so you don’t hit the doorjamb. Seriously, though–are there other people who do things like this? I’ve always wondered. I can’t possibly be the only one who has to compensate in some way or another for being klutzy. I know of one person who has admitted to being klutzy, so I know there are at least two of us.

I avoid being on things with wheels (roller skates, bicycles) because I have fallen on both (badly on the roller skates), and I also don’t ice skate. Anything that takes control of my forward motion away from me is bad. Wildly careening down a mountain on skis? Haven’t even tried it. I’d prefer to not have bark impressions on my face. I will happily sit and drink hot chocolate and watch other people ski and read a book, though. No, I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything, especially if there’s a little cinnamon Torani syrup in my hot chocolate and my book is really good. It’s simply a matter of self-preservation. I don’t think I’m going to find myself in the middle of James Bond movie where I have to do all these amazing feats to save myself. I think the James Bond type character would just give up on me and say, “Whatever.” If I were in a movie where everyone died of a plague or nasty virus, I’d probably be one of the first ones to go. I’d be listed in the credits as “Woman in purple sweater” or something like that. Or as an extra. I think my chances there are slightly higher than the moving against my will scenario.

Possibly I’m more of a Pepper Potts kind of character. She’s very efficient, though. I can be efficient given the right motivation, and I suppose she definitely had the right motivation. We were just talking about The Avengers–I guess that’s why she came to mind. Plus, she does have a bizarre name.

We’re doing great, my SO and I. One of us sneezes, the other coughs, then a few minutes later, the reverse. I am using theraflu because I am a wuss and really don’t like being sick. This one has made my head feel foggy and my sinuses hurt, although I do feel much better–Friday was the worst. I took the day off sick, which made me feel badly, since it was barely my second week in the class. All the staff are in various stages of some illness or other. The kids seem fine, oddly enough. Usually it’s the other way around. Maybe they’re all done with it and have passed it along to us and now it’s our turn.

I stil like my new classroom a lot. There are some truly awesome Instructional Assistants in there. And I really like the teacher. The class has a more mellow feel to it than a lot of others where there’s a lot of infighting among the staff. I can’t stand that.

I have gotten trapped into reading some of my own books instead of library books. It was supposed to be a purse book–one of the ones I just read when I go to appointments and have to wait. But it was too good and I’m on the third one now and I just ordered the fourth. It’s the series by Jaida Jones and Danielle Bennet that starts with Havemercy. They’re really quite good. I would attempt a little review, but I don’t think my head’s together enough. Suffice it to say, the first one is about dragons made by wizards, and the dragons pick their riders. The air corps members think they are better than everyone else so a University professor is sent in to teach them “etiquette and manners.” There’s a lot more to it than that, there’s a parallel story that’s just as interesting involving an exiled magician living at his brother’s house in the country. The next book takes up with two characters mentioned in the first book as main characters, and picks up a couple who are new, and the third book returns to two characters from the first book and adds a couple of new ones. It’s a very interesting way of writing them–segments are told from the character’s point of view.

I wouldn’t have gotten distracted so easily, except I was getting tired of trying to read The Diviner, Melanie Rawn’s latest. The first half or so was good, but now it, or I, are dragging. Her other books are so good (we won’t talk about the missing third Exiles book), I wasn’t sure what to expect–it’s described as a prequel to The Golden Key? I thought that was interesting, since that was a three author effort–did the others agree? I’m about to give up on it. I have a lot of other things to read (and I’ve only got about a third of Dragon Soul left to read, although I did order Steel Hands–the title makes sense now that I’ve read Havemercy–Friday. It’s supposed to get here next week sometime, or the week after. It would be nice if it got here on Friday.

I have managed to get a little writing done. I don’t know if it makes any sense, but as long as I’m doing something…that’s what editing’s for. I’m trying to get myself unstuck, so anything’s an improvement. As long as everything after it doesn’t need to be taken out. I would really like to finish it, honestly. I’m tired of writing different endings.

OK. I think I need Theraflu. I’m already a little odd feeling, what’s a little flu medicine going to do? (ha ha ha, famous last words. I don’t know if I’ve ever written about my little Joan of Arc episode involving cough syrup when i was sick one time)…


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