Quick Tip (which I may have posted elsewhere)

Be careful when making donations in very small amounts (e.g. $1) to foreign countries. I don’t know if it’s the time of year or what, but my bank suspended my debit card because of that and a copay to my physical therapist. Boy, I know that’s what I would do if I were the type to steal someone’s debit card–go wild and donate a dollar to a non-profit in the UK and then go to physical therapy. That’s my idea of fun! I’m not sure what I would do. I would buy a lot of books, but that’s me, who wouldn’t steal the card in the first place. Order things from dubious web sites? With feathers and leather? Now that it is taken care of (after receiving about 12 e-mails regarding the same three things telling me my card had been declined, then calling the bank, racking my brain to try to remember what I would have spent $1 on in the UK (I definitely haven’t been there recently. Wait. Ever.), and receiving three more e-mails the next morning, it’s finally starting to seem a little funny. They said unusual activity and I started to freak out a little, thinking someone _had_ gotten a hold of my card and had bought a home spa for their poodle or something, but I almost laughed at the customer service person, and it wasn’t their fault. If that’s their idea of unusual activity, someday they are truly in for a shock. Of course, the fact that I am actually engaging in exercise is a little unusual, so I’ll give them that.


3 responses to “Quick Tip (which I may have posted elsewhere)

  1. Perhaps you could spend a dollar or two on your blog, which appears to have dandruff. Just sayin..

    Now the poodle spa reminded me of a money saving tip for your home use: go to the pet store and buy a drum of dog shampoo. Same stuff (?) we all use, much cheaper. No need to thank me,

    metta, stephen


    • Will virtual dandruff respond to virtual dandruff shampoo, that’s the question… Reports are it will only be in this unsightly state until January 4th, incidentally, my dad’s birthday. He, however, does not need dog shampoo, and does not have dandruff.

      Actually, having it contained within a browser window keeps things pretty clean and neat. I’m not too worried.

      If I did spend a dollar or two on my blog, it certainly wouldn’t be with my debit card. Not unless I went and bought a barrel of of dog shampoo afterward. I wonder if the bank would consider that unusual activity?


  2. Wendy, I had a similar experience where my credit card account was frozen after a couple of very small charges were made. Turns out that people using computer-generated random numbers to try to find valid credit card numbers first charge a small amount on a number to see if it is a valid card. Companies program their computers to catch these small charges. Be glad yours did!


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