Well, this may take longer than I thought…

Hi! This is my first blog post. I have tried to start them in the past but have always become frustrated in the process. Already, I know there are a couple of orphan pages running around somewhere. My intent in the first couple of attempts to start a blog were to publicize my book that I’d self-published, but then I realized that I don’t know all that many people to foist a blog on, and the ones I did already had copies of the book.

I have started giving a lot of thought to serializing the first book by chapter and putting it up here, along with everything that has come after (it needs to be split up, but I don’t know where because I haven’t finished it yet. I’m on the fourth ending. That’s not helping.) I’m of two minds about it. The first is fear of plagiarism, because everyone knows my work is fantastically great, and that’s why it was rejected by over forty agents and a few publishers that took unsolicited manuscripts. I suppose it’s more the theft of ideas. They’re most likely completely unfounded fears, but plagiarism has been a little rampant lately. I don’t buy that it’s an addiction, and no, I don’t write mysteries. Actually, a story about a plagiarist could possibly be interesting.

The first book could use, however hard I tried, more editing, the second mass isn’t really edited at all after the first 400 pages or so (my typing has been effected by an annoying nerve injury and it has caused some difficulty and lately, provided some humor with some really interesting typos). So I’m on the fence about this. For one thing, I don’t like putting out work for others to see (except for a select few) that isn’t edited to the best of my ability. I may put the first one on, a chapter at a time, since it’s already been self-published.

I also thought I might like to try to start reviewing some books, because I am actually getting a few more ARC’s than I thought I had. For me, writing a review falls just under attempting to write a query letter or synopsis–it’s hard for me not to babble and to form intelligent, coherent (and as proof of this, spellcheck is telling me I just spelled intelligent wrong back there) and thought provoking sentences. I like writing dialogue. Dialogue isn’t conducive to any of the three things listed above. But I think it will be a good exercise for me. Plus, I’ll finally be able to post reviews on Goodreads for the ARC’s I win from them. Goodreads is my book brain. It keeps track of the books I’ve read because I can’t remember them.

The title for this blog comes from the fact that I’ve been home for almost a year on medical leave (so why didn’t it occur to me to do this then? Good question. Actually, I did try.) and I’ve been writing a lot. I have some habits that I have either always had and didn’t notice because I didn’t spend so much time constantly writing, or have developed over the past year. I don’t notice them when I’m home by myself, but when my SO is home sick from work or has a day off and I’m writing, he’s noticed that I do these things. I act out scenes in my head using the dialogue I’ve written. Sometimes, apparently, out loud. Or at least loud enough that he’s thought I was talking to him. Also, I will involve myself in a scene from a certain character’s point of view, which generally consists of waving my arms around sometimes, but usually just gesticulating in some form. I was walking to the kitchen one day and he asked me if I was alright. I said yes, I was fine. Then I realized what I’d been doing–making sort of rapid motions with my hands that looked from the outside like I was angry with something, but in my head, all made perfect sense. I cry at scenes I think are sad, so I try to do those when I’m alone. I space out and miss the turnoff for the street to our house because I’m thinking about things and how to organize them. So now that I’m in physical therapy three times a week after having surgery on my elbow in May (incidentally, it was an editing injury, so I’m proof that the pen (computer?) is mightier than the sword), I’m not sure how much longer I’ll have a lot of time to devote to these things.

So I hope everyone will be patient with me while I try to figure this all out. The little clock in the corner of this post says 10:54 and I’m not even exactly sure how to change that yet. I found something that said find which city you’re closest too, easy, and then opened the menu and it just had all these + and – hours. I think I just need to go and find the -8 hours one. Time is definitely flying. Alright. That’s enough for an initial somewhat explanatory post, I think. 🙂


4 responses to “Well, this may take longer than I thought…

  1. If you like writing dialogue, how about a play?


  2. Plays are just a whole different animal. So to speak. 🙂 I wouldn’t switch genres just because I haven’t sold anything in it–I can’t write what doesn’t feel true to me.
    I did write a play once. I was told there wasn’t enough conflict in it. (At least someone gave me constructive criticism on it). I might pull it out again someday if the mood struck me. It’s not my passion, though.
    I just need more practice and a better sense of how to edit out extraneous things, because boy do I love using too many words!


  3. When I initially attempted to bookmark your blog the default title wasn’t the blog name but the first line of the December 9 post. Today it seems fine.

    Some thoughts on writing dialog and plays, which should definitely have conflict.
    No, they shouldn’t, she said.
    Yes they should, you pretentious moron, he retorted.
    Oh yeah, you shallow twit, she re-retorted.
    Perhaps I should make an attempt at writing myself?

    That, of course, was the major problem with Waiting for Godot. Also, he never shows up. Oops, spoiler alert. I felt that it could also use a car chase, with classic emphasis on knocking over garbage cans, just in case they do a movie version. Anyway, musical adaptations seem popular these days. The Producers was a hit, and there was (is?) that Spiderman thing. Perhaps a musical adaptation of Waiting for Godot? Try to pep it up a bit. Perhaps a chorus of tap dancing dogs for the second act? Too close to Cats?

    A novel can be almost nothing but dialog. The Other Side of the Haight, which I read somewhat recently, was short chapter vignettes almost entirely in dialog.

    Have you considered a novel about a special ed classroom? Think of a kindly and retiring teacher, but one of the children has an evil “helper” monkey, and they commit horrible crimes? I can see episodes of biting social commentary, Stephen King horror, and Kafkaesque absurdity, all in one! I’m not so worried about plagiarism, but if you pick up on this and it catches on give me a cut of the profits.

    metta, stephen


  4. Hi Stephen, 🙂

    I’ve been told I should write a book about a special ed. classroom. I like the evil “helper” monkey twist, though. I had forgotten about that. I don’t see how I could have. Along with what you mentioned, it could also have a steampunk edge, possibly using the monkeys. They could raise an army of automaton monkeys that were unstoppable, lasers out of the eyes, the whole nine yards (I think that would have met with the approval of the child critic) who took over all the augmentative technology in the classroom and secretly snuck them out on school buses, thus spreading their message of mischief and villainy. One of their demands could be that they shouldn’t have to wear little purple vests saying they were helper monkeys. They want goggles and dusters. With scarves. And monocles. A monkey monocle? LOL That sort of broke the stream of inspirational thought. I like re-retorted.

    A gimmick would be good, because, as you and Carl Sagan would have said if combined, (a frightening thought) there are billions and billions of blogs out there (well, maybe that’s an exaggeration–which reminds me of the Despairwear shirt that goes along the lines of “Exaggerators Anonymous–A Trillion strong and growing”). I sort of thought I’d just give it a try and see what happened out of curiosity. Hm. I could try to get my little sister (who is now 20) to put the link on her FB page, she has college aged friends with friends, unlike me, who is more on the hermit-y side (Hmm, I wonder which side of the family that comes from).

    I think the blog is still a little out of control as I’m still not entirely sure what I’m doing. I figured that’s never stopped me before so….


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